in good

At Enrico | Roots in Good Food we love good and tasty food. With our own brands, the brand and products of our partners and our private label solutions, we add value and fresh energy to the food landscape.

Our story, our history

Our founders all have their ‘roots in good food’. Francesco Bertolli opened his delicatessen in Lucca 1865. Fred and Jolanda de Leeuw started selling truffles and truffle products from their butchery in 1965. Nico and Richard Peper set up a specialist cheesemonger’s in Amsterdam in 1992 selling delicious Mediterranean products and Robin Heetkamp and Bart Stok started in Udenhout with the production of tasty bottled products and Jean Bâton Truffle Mayonnaise. They all had a distinct vision on food and food products. Their common denominator is their love for good food and quality ingredients.

Our brands and partners

We are proud of our own brands Bertolli and Jean Bâton. But we look after our partner brands with just as much dedication. Our very extensive range includes for example, toast, pesto, sauces, risotto, antipasti and tapenade. We would love to help you build up and flesh out your assortment.

Our production plant

Glasbest B.V. is our own production plant in Udenhout. Here, we conceive, develop and manufacture some of our own products. But we also love to do that for third parties. We have ample experience and expertise in food, production and packaging technology.

Our expertise and decades of experience in brand and private label development means we can put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Working closely with them to create the best possible products and concepts. Customers regularly ask us to develop a specific product for them: a specific, new product that they can’t find or an improved or cheaper version of an existing product. We are very happy to take on those challenges. We enjoy working on the development and production of innovative, distinctive and tasty products. But we are also able to make a difference in terms of flavour and price for more every-day products and value-for-money propositions.

At Enrico | Roots in Good Food we love
good and tasty food and we believe that food is much more than simply nutrition or fuel. We enrich the food culture and we are proud of that. Day in, day out, we work hard to forge sustainable relationships and collaborations with our customers and partners since we believe we can only be successful if our partners are too.